Hope Community's Property Management Department: Rebuilding Neighborhoods One Block At A Time!

One of Hope Community’s primary institutional goals has been to enhance its Property Management operations. The department has implemented new and much more effective property management software, increased rent collection rates to above industry standard, and worked to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Hope’s medium-term goal is to develop our Property Management Department to the point that we can market its services to a wide range of other uptown property owners.The Property Management Department services over 1,300 affordable apartments in more than 78 buildings throughout East Harlem. Below is a list of the property management staff who provide building maintenance and services.

To reach your Property Manager, or any other Property Management Staff call our main phone number at (212) 860-8821 and dial the appropriate extension.
Property Management Staff
Lorenzo Cesare, Director of Finance and Asset Management,  Ext 104
Ivette Alerte, Assistant Director of Compliance, Ext 122
Tony Hernandez, Property Manager, Ext. 126
Jennifer Cabrera, Property Manager, Ext. 125
Camen Valcarcel, Receptionist, Ext. 101
Katiya Lunnon, Property Manager, Ext.145
                         Building Manager Canaan House, Ext. 204
Maria Martinez, Building Manager, Carlos Rios, Ext 400

Maintenance Department Staff

Craig Harty, Director of Maintenance Operations, Ext. 303
Angel Guilbe, Assistant Facilities Manager Ext. 302
Marvin Lopez, Ass't Facilities Manager. Ext. 300
Connie Rivera, Maintenance Dispatcher, Ext. 300
Anita Benitez, Maintenace Dispatcher, 301

Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Fair Housing Act)