The El Barrio Merchant Assistance Initiative is a program started by Hope Community, Inc. to assist local business owners in collaborating together in order to enrich their quality of life as well as collectively promoting El Barrio as a center of commerce and culture. This initiative will not only benefit local business owners but the community as a whole. To ensure the success of this initiative, Hope will be assisting in facilitating access to resources that may be needed. This is a locally run program, for El Barrio by El Barrio. This project is the renewal of Hope Community, Inc.’s 2005-2006 “Small Business Support Initiative.” Reception from this initiative was very positive as Hope assisted small business owners by gathering the necessary resources to improve business. Resources included: business planning workshops, credit counseling, storefront enhancement and much more. To join this initiative, please visit:
Services Available

  • Workshops
    • Informational workshops on topics that you choose.
  • Free Advertising
    • Free advertising on the El Barrio website, Twitter and Facebook
  • Collective Marketing & Networking
    • Collective marketing plan to maximize commerce.
  • Access to Capital
    • Linkages to resources for small business loans!
  • 3rd Avenue Merchant Alliance
    • Organize with fellow 3rd Avenue Merchants to collaborate and work together

El Barrio Merchant Assistance Survey

Please help us re-establish the El Barrio Merchant Assistance Initiative program by completing this survey! Click Here.Thank you