Galeria del Barrio

Hope Community Inc is proud to present it's latest arts and culture initiative - East Harlem's very own dedicated art gallery, Galeria del Barrio.  Located on East 104th Street next door to the iconic Spirit of East Harlem Mural, Galeria occupis a newly renovated storefront space.  Galeria provides exhibition space to local artist and art organizations in exhcnage for their curation and progamming skills.  Galeria aims to create opportunity for local and emerging artists, and to establish a cultural destination in El Barrio that bolsters neighborhood tourism, the visbility of local cultural institutions and public art works, and the economic sustability of local small businesses.

Galeria began in November, 2017 as a "storefront artist residency" space for renowned local artist Manny Vega.  During his three-month residency, Mr. Vega offered community art workshops in mosaic-making, which were enjoyed by East Harlem residents of all types and ages.  Mr. Vega activated the space with an atmosphere of creativity, community and learning.

In March, 2018, Galeria underwent major renovations, led by local space designer and civic leader Joanna Delson.  The space was radically transformed into a beautiful gallery space.  The new Galeria launced on April 20, 2018 with the opening of it first exhibition, Sonata Oscura by Ms. Esperanza Cortes, presented in partnership with Hi-Arts.  Shortly after accepting residency at Galeria, Ms. Cortes was awarded the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.