About Hope Community, Inc.


Hope Community, Inc., is a community-based not-for-profit affordable housing organization. Founded in 1968, the organization also enriches the lives of the people who live and work in East Harlem and surrounding neighborhoods through cultural arts, economic development and social service alliances. Hope seeks to rebuild the physical infrastructure of East Harlem by creating attractive, high-quality affordable rental and owner-occupied housing.  Hope seeks to strengthen the neighborhood's social fabric by assisting in the growth and success of local businesses, by assisting residents to enhance their lives and incomes, and by sponsoring community programs.

Hope Community's primary catchment area is the neighborhood of East Harlem, which extends north from East 96th Street and east from Fifth Avenue to the Harlem River.  Over our 45-year history, Hope has created and preserved more than 2,100 units of rental and ownership housing affordable for low-and moderate-income families in 78 Hope-managed buildings; helped thousands of residents improve their lives through community building, adult and youth education and leadership initiatives; and implemented many highly visible art and open space projects, including installation and maintenance of murals throughout East Harlem. 

In addition to the programs provided to residents of East Harlem, Hope Community provides more than 40,000 square feet of affordable commercial space in 28 buildings throughout East Harlem.  Hope's commercial spaces support 39 small businesses and social service agencies offering the community an array of products and services.  Hope estimates that these businesses generate $10 million in revenue and support over 100 jobs. 

With a core focus as a developer and property manager for thousands of low-and moderate-income families, Hope Community has a variety of programs to assist in meeting our mission to improve the East Harlem community including Affordable Housing & Development, Property Management, Community Programs and Economic Development.